Speech of President

Welcome to the Association of Registered Independent Directors (ARID) which is the Membership and Qualifying Body for independent directors and other professionals working in governance and compliance roles.

Independent directors play an important role in protecting the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders; and features prominently in Corporate Governance Codes practised globally.

ARID’s objectives are to

  • Promote high standards of excellence and professionalism for directors in the boardroom which are essential for businesses to succeed
  • Promote high standards of excellence and professionalism in governance by supporting businesses, encouraging entrepreneurial activity and promoting responsible business practice for the benefit of the business and wider community that it serves
  • Promote ethical behaviour fundamental to maintaining the reputation, trust and confidence of stakeholders

ARID will achieve these objectives through its Membership values and principles of transparency, probity, independence, reputation, fairness, accountability, integrity, responsibility and judgement.

We at ARID believe these values and principles will help businesses achieve their purpose in the way that will satisfy all stakeholders.


Bob Greenwood
Professor of Accounting
President of ARID

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