Job Duties of ARID

As a community platform of exchange experience, problem communication, seeking help and research in common topic, use offline and online discussion and independent director media to build up communication system.

As an organization of independent director, communication with the other institute and communication internationally.

Formed certain indicators and methodology, assess the norms of independent directors, record credit of independent director, career information and online comment from stockholder, recognition of excellent independent director, provide nomination for independent director training program.

Set up independent director investigation, in view of relevant issues, such as work system difference between state-owned listed companies and private listed companies, risk management, working system, work statement and compensation scheme, list resolution of relevant problems and ideas, provide to relevant department for decision-making.

Build up independent director database and recommendation system in the future.

Put forward the code of conduct and self-discipline norms of independent director, and correct those inappropriate behaviors of independent director.

Regular training for independent director, through the training of relevant regulations and business, improve the professional skills of independent director.

Focus on coordination of high-level management risk insurance and ensure its implementation for current independent director.

Through advertisement to promote ARID, ensure its reputation in the society.

About ARID
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